Seeing yourself while Filming yourself

Some behind the scenes for this episode about seeing yourself while filming yourself. Why it’s necessary, how you can do it and what you should be careful about.

1. Why you should have a monitor

Composition in your hand through a monitor
It enables you to control these 3 points:
  • Composition – Is this a good frame?
  • Focus – Am I sharp?
  • Exposition – Am I well litt?
Straight forward, it’s about making sure that it’s a good shot.

2. Careful about

Careful about not looking out to the monitor
You should be careful about not looking at it all the time.
Don’t change your gaze during the shoot, even for a second and yes, it is and will be distracting to have such a monitor next to you.

3. Now, how?

How to use laptop as phone viewfinder
  • Flip screen – Does your camera have one?
  • External Monitor – Do you already have one? That can be your computer!
    Check if there is some software to connect your camera to it, otherwise, there is always some hardware you can buy to enable it.

While using your Phone.
On your phone, there is a front and a back camera. So on one side it’s straight-forward, but if you want to be more “pro”, use the rear camera of your phone, as it’s a better quality.
You can then use your laptop as a viewfinder and in this way get the best quality out of your smartphone.

How it that possible?
Simply through apps. I found one, by the name of Reflector from airsquirrel.
  • A screencast to your laptop, that’s what we needed.
Now you know how to have a monitor, while filming yourself.
Of course, that’s to do everything on your own. You can also forget about all this technical stuff and get help from a professional, that will take care of exactly this, making sure to have a good shot, but also much more.

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