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As a real tool to improve the comprehension of your solution, a product video enables you to demonstrates how your product functions in the real world, and what impact it has.

By using narrative and metaphor, a product video can create a better lasting impression in the consumer’s mind, leaving the product features to be experienced rather than explained.

Create better conversions

Many Internet users remain reluctant to buy on the Internet. This is why many e-merchants have chosen to integrate videos to present their solution and no longer just a simple photo.

People are also more likely to retain information received by video because the information is presented through audio and visual channels. That’s why, when companies want to quickly and memorably express something about a product, a video is the best way to do it.

Your Product - In Real Life

The video allows you to contextualize your product, showing it in real situations.
In accordance with your brand identity, which is expressed through different elements (decor, accessories, colour palette etc.), product video allows you not only to present your product in action, but also to illustrate the main advantages it brings to the end user.

You said Packshot?

Taking advantage of the entire installation set up for the shooting, we can also combine photography with it.
This series of photos can then prove very useful for your e-commerce site, highlighting your products with professional images.
Whether it’s GIFs, video packshot 360˚ or photos, you create a better online shopping experience for Internet users.

Simplify complex subjects

In the same vein as animation video, a product video allows you to control the level of detail and message surrounding your product.
By using a variety of techniques, such as slow motion, animation and on-screen text, you can create content as precise or general as you want.

Improve trust

A good product video engages Internet users and helps them understand why they need a product. A Product video presents and explains the benefits of the solution you provide.
Through this mode of communication appreciated by Internet users, you improve your relationship with your trusted visitors.

Easy to share

The variety of platforms and potential uses of product videos during the market activation phase is enormous.
From in-house training to online advertising, you can create a reusable and versatile asset with a long lifespan.
You can also create a modular format that can be repeated for different products or to explain a more complex process.
Use a dedicated site or simply a YouTube playlist that groups your different videos together to allow users to browse your products and see them in action.

More Product videos

Real Estate Presentation – Trianon Résidences
A video to present the new project from Trianon Résidences near Strasbourg, Parenthèse.

Object Video – Velero
Capture and presentation of this settlement in Hagen. Mixing aerial views as well as the asset manager presenting onsite the residence.

Product Animation Video – AERTiCKET
A Video to present AERTiCKET’s main product, Cockpit. Entirely animated.


Most frequent questions and answers

How can we prepare for it?

Before starting the production of your Product Video, it is important to be clear on these different points:

What is your product/service?
How does it function?
What makes it different from the competition?
Why? (values and vision of your company)

How much does a product video cost?

The price of your product video is calculated according to the extent of the production steps and the number of options.
It is in this way based on these three elements:
– Conceptual and human effort (days of pre-production, production, post-production)
– The duration of the video
– The different extras (subtitles, adding animations, second cameraman…)

My clients say


  • What is the purpose of your product video? Are you trying to sell your product or talk more specifically about its features and what it can do? Are you looking to captivate an average Internet user or are you addressing a specialized audience?

  • This then dictates the necessary degree of complexity. How to present technical informations, without losing any viewer? Is your audience aware of the technology or do you need to explain things in simple terms?

  • The duration of the video is also decisive. We don’t want to overload the viewer with too much information, nor do we want to see that people leave the video because it is too long.

  • Do you intend to use a presenter? You have the choice between a member of your own staff or hiring a professional. If you decide to use a non-professional, is he comfortable enough in front of the camera?

  • Do you also need photos? If so, it is important to take this into account in the budget and schedule.

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