Video Marketing

video marketing

why a video?

You certainly know that people prefer video than texts. They’re easier to digest and provide the necessary information in a compact package. They help your audience to better remember the information you bring to them.

In addition, smartphone users also prefer to watch videos. Every day more than 1 billion hours of videos are watched on Youtube (more than 114 000 years). YouTube has over a billion users and these users are actively looking for videos to watch, which they won’t do with any other form of advertising or promotion.

Before making a purchase from your company, the customer needs to trust you as a company. Often used as a form of content marketing, videos aim to build both trust and long-term relationships with its customers. A video can also present a product in a non-intrusive manner. The friendly conversational tone of a video, gives people more confidence to shop online for exemple. In addition, when they trust your brand, they will become your advocates by their loved ones.

Social networks are encouraging video content on their sites and if the users like what they see, then they can easily share the content and let a whole host of new potential customers know about it.

Thanks to websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Linkedin, it is easy to reach all demographic groups. In addition, videos are popular with people of all ages, genders and ethnicities.

Simply put, Google loves videos !

You are 53 times more likely to show up first on the search engine if there is a video embedded somewhere on your site. Using a video can significantly increase your SEO and where you rank on a search engine.
Indeed, when people watch videos on your website, they spend more time on it and this will notify search engines that there is great content on your site.

Using a video as part of a marketing strategy is a great return on investment. Studies reveal that a user is more likely to buy a product, to contract a service, or to get in touch with a brand after seeing a video.

80% of Internet users recall watching a video ad on a website they visited in the past 30 days, and 64% act after the viewing ; look for information, visit the store physically, buy. (Online Publishers Association, 2016)

When a person watches a video and participates or feels involved in the message, the retention rate is 90%. (Expert Infos, 2015)

A video is a perfect way for a business to explain a new product/service quickly and efficiently. It enables you to not only tell, it can actually show the consumer what it can do. Videos improve the understanding of your product or service by 74%. That’s why 96% of surveyed entrepreneurs expect to use videos in their communication strategy. More than 90% of users state that watching a video is helpful to decision making of purchase. (Web Rank Info, 2016)

The great thing about videos is that they can be easily integrated into other forms of marketing, for example email marketing.

Using a video in your marketing email can increase the click-through rate by 96%! This is a great way to stand out from other similar emails. (Implix email marketing survey, 2010)

Simply adding the word “video” to the subject line of an email can increase opening rates. This is usually because in most cases it is much easier to just watch a video than to come through a piece of text.

People are further developping video content. Interactive storytelling is one of the new trends. From volumetric video to visual effects powered by machine learning, the future of video is exciting.

Also by using the less recent 360-degree video, your brand will stand out and impact your audience. Viewers are more likely to be intrigued by new technology, allowing you to break out of the noisy market of your niche.

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