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why a video?

The preference for video content is not limited to entertainment – it extends to brands. In fact, 91% of consumers want to see more online video content from brands, according to a recent study.

Experts say the demand for video content from brands is growing because people are more likely to pay attention to it. In comparison, consumers are more likely to skip parts of audio and written content. So if you’re hoping to increase brand awareness, video is a great way to go.


Video marketing’s value relies on return on investment (ROI). 92% of video marketers in 2023 say video gives them a good ROI—a record high (Wyzowl, 2023). Just five years ago, 78% of video marketers felt the same way about videos, a 14% shift.

Businesses use video marketing to drive sales, build trust, educate customers and engage prospects. Key platforms include Instagram, YouTube and Facebook for social media videos and advertising.


Before making a purchase from your company, the customer needs to trust you as a company.
Often used as a form of content marketing, videos aim to build both trust and long-term relationships with its customers. A video can also present a product in a non-intrusive manner. The friendly conversational tone of a video, gives people more confidence to shop online for exemple. In addition, when they trust your brand, they will become your advocates by their loved ones.

Social networks are encouraging video content on their sites and if the users like what they see, then they can easily share the content and let a whole host of new potential customers know about it.

Videos are twice as likely to be shared than any other type of content. It turns out people are 52% more likely to share video content than other types of content like social posts, product pages and blog posts.


For more and more shoppers, video is becoming indispensable when they’re ready to buy. In fact, more than 55% of shoppers globally say they use online video while actually shopping in-store.

A video is a perfect way for a business to explain a new product/service quickly and efficiently. It enables you to not only tell, it can actually show the consumer what it can do.
83% of respondents prefer watching video to accessing information or instructional content via text or audio. (Source: Techsmith)

People are further developing video content. Interactive storytelling is one of the new trends. From volumetric video to visual effects powered by machine learning, the future of video is exciting.

Also by using the less recent 360-degree video, your brand will stand out and impact your audience. Viewers are more likely to be intrigued by new technology, allowing you to break out of the noisy market of your niche.

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