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Get to the heart of complex questions with a How-to Video

An Explainer Video is a short film, often animated, that explains a subject or element in a concise way.
Indeed, the emphasis is placed on the transmission of information. The aim is to give viewers an added value in the form of fun and attractive content.
It is thus a type of marketing content that helps you create and maintain a community of users loyal to your brand.

A video that helps viewers

The main objective of an explanatory video is not to create new sales, but rather to help and retain customers who have already trusted you.
In addition to establishing your brand as a source of valuable information, these videos can also help support centers by giving customers something to “help themselves”.

Google loves Explainer Videos

Perfectly adapted to social media and SEO, these videos are very popular on social media. Allowing you to create value around your brand and attract new followers.
By optimizing the video, you are likely to be ranked on the first page of Google for targeted key terms. This will create more visibility and more links to your content.

One in a million

Explanatory videos are perfectly adapted to a modular format. Whether it’s for your website, social networks or a YouTube channel, you can easily create a weekly or monthly serie, which will attract and retain fans who can then share your content and promote your brand.
It is therefore essential to have a well thought-out content strategy in order to best promote this type of content.

Types of Explainer Videos

Motion graphics
Real Shots
Text Animation
2D Animation

More Explainer Videos

Animation Video – Lancaster University
A typography animation created to give a preview to the sociology programm at Lancaster University.

Sales Process vs Buyer’s Journey – SalesLabs
What is a Sales Process and what is the Buyer’s Journey?
Thibaut Souyris from Sales Labs explains the different steps of these two concepts.


Most frequent questions and answers

How do we prepare for it?

Before starting the production of your Eplainer Video in/from Barcelona, it is important to be clear on these different points:

Who is the target group?
What do they expect?
What is the goal of the video?
How does your company stand out?
What tone should our How-To Video have?

How much does an Explainer Video cost?

The price of your Explainer Video is calculated according to the extent of the production steps and the number of options.
It is in this way based on these three elements:
– Conceptual and human effort (days of pre-production, production, post-production)
– The duration of the video
– The different extras (subtitles, adding animations, second cameraman…)

What are the steps?

Together, we discover who you are, your strengths and how to communicate it effectively with the outside world. We develop the concept of your Explainer Video. Whether you already have an idea in mind or are still at the very beginning, I help you to articulate it in images.
It’s all about pressing “REC”. With professional equipment and the attention to detail, I start producing your video.
The work here is done on a computer. I edit, organize, retouch captured images or add animations, special effects. Your video is then almost finished, ready for a first viewing.

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