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An advertising video is a type of film that mainly pursues an advertising purpose.

Whether it is to increase the sales or build trust in your brand, advertising films include videos related to products or services (Product Videos, Event Videos) as well as company specific videos (Corporate Videos, Recruitment Videos).
The boundaries between the different types of films are flexible.


Similar to other types of videos, we want to first clarify your objectives. What are the expected results of the video and how can we measure them? For example, do you aim for a specific number of views, likes, shares? This planning step is crucial to creating an effective video.


Now that the video is in our heads, it’s time to turn it all into images.
From filming to post-production, which includes editing, adjustment and animation, we know that each step is important in the creation of this video. Similarly, video is an expression of your brand – so I work carefully to reflect and convey your values and identity on screen.


Alone or with collaborators, we can also help you get your promotional film off the ground and into your target audience. From simple tips and techniques to optimize your video for launch to a complete strategic activation plan with defined KPIs and detailed measurements.

More examples

Advertising Video – Lotao
A 30 seconds Ad filmed in a kitchen showroom in Berlin. The Lotao team, Friends & Family cooked new, delicious dishes from the Lotao products.

Social Media Video – ShaktiMat
A video in their factory in India, explaining their support to the local craftwomen and their daughters.

YouTube Advertising Video – Advisable
A YouTube promotional video for Advisable based on the testimonial of Roberto Bertinetti, a freelance marketer.


Most frequent questions and answers

How do we prepare for it?

Before starting the production of your advertising video, it is important to be clear on these different points:

Who are you / who forms the company?
What makes your company different?
Why are you doing this? (values and vision of your company)

What are the steps?

Together, we discover who you are and how to effectively communicate it with the world. We develop the concept of your video.
With professional equipment and attention to detail, we produce your video.
I edit, organize, retouch the captured images, add animations, special effects.
Your video is then almost finished, ready for a first viewing.

How much does an advertising video cost?

The price of your advertising video is calculated according to the extent of the production steps and the number of options.
It is in this way based on these three elements:
– Conceptual and human effort (days of pre-production, production, post-production)
– The duration of the video
– The different extras (subtitles, adding animations, second cameraman…)

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