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Joffrey Umbdenstock, Videographer

I believe in the POWER of videos!

Hi, Hallo, Bonjour. My name is Joffrey Umbdenstock and I’m working as a videographer.
As my last name might suggest it, I come from a nice village in the heart of Alsace. Close to my roots, I like to say that I grew up in a family of carpenters, because I inherited there a strong idea of construction, creation.

I later rediscovered this power of creation through audiovisual production. So, little by little, I started to film and direct simple stories with friends, edits of video games, sports and with time I developed a real passion for video. I love capturing unique moments, adjusting, ordering, retouching them to create a story.
“Story” and “storytelling” have become catchy words, but at the same time I believe in them, I believe in producing meaningful videos, videos that have an impact, that bring back memories, that inspire us.
I believe in the power of videos!

After the French Secondary School Diploma, I headed more specifically towards this branch. I am holder of a two-year technical degree in Video Editing & Special Effects. After that, I spent one year as an Audiovisuel Production Manager and started then the freelance adventure (more details in my CV).

I am now available and fully equipped for video projects.

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