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About the process

Pre-production is everything that happens before you press “REC”. Together we discover who you are, your strengths and how to communicate it effectively with the outside world. Whether you already have a clear idea in mind or you are still at the very beginning, I help you to articulate it in images.
This is an important step in the video production process because we will here set the objectives for the video. After all, what you want is not just a beautiful video, rather an effective content serving a purpose!

It’s all about pressing “REC”, it corresponds to creating images. With professional equipment and the attention to details, I start creating the images for your film.

The work is here done on computer. I edit, organize, retouch captured images or add special effects. The creation of animations also takes place in post-production.
Your video is then almost finished, ready for a first preview.

Preparing well

Yes, and the logos of every stakeholder you’d like to include. I may also need other graphics, such as photos or sound signatures. I recommend that you send me the files in the best quality you have. I like this website for online transfers.

It is important to wear something that you feel comfortable in and that fits your brand image. In general, simply wear your everyday clothes and it will be fine. Be careful with striped shirts or finely patterned clothing, they cause a strange effect on the images.  Ladies, avoid noisy jewellery. You can of course wear make-up and on demand, I will organise an optional make-up artist.

Especially if you’re going to talk in front of the camera, the more prepared you are, the better you’ll feel and the better the final result. It is therefore important to have the script in mind.
In addition to this, it is also important to prepare the legal terms. Do we have all the authorizations, the image rights?
Getting to know the members of your team, discovering the location, is very valuable.

About post-production

Generally right after the shoot. In the same way, the animation video start after the approval of the script. In general we clearify and plan everything during pre-production.

Usually within 10 days, depending on the plan developed during pre-production.

Yes, depending on the type of change you are looking for, I will inform you of the eventual additional costs. We try to avoid this by taking pre-production seriously. However, I am aware that this flexibility is necessary for some companies, so yes, you can change your mind and yes, there might be an extra cost.

ABout the price of a video

A free one. However, you need a solid project to negotiate this.
You know, it costs real money to make videos. Like any company, I have to pay my invoices on time, respect my suppliers. Each project is different and in the same way each objective is different. What is the point of having a Hollywood production if no one sees it and understands the video afterwards?
The same is true in the opposite way, no one wants a Super Bowl Ad shot with an old mobile phone.

Curious, right? As always, there are many factors at stake and these variables may not be comparable to your project. For example traveling, working with a specific actor, using a famous song. There is no such thing as a “most expensive video”. If a video costs 50,000€ but you get 500 000€ turnover in return, the question is “was it an expensive video?”. And if a video costs 800€ and there is no return, was it an “expensive video”?

Because every project is different. Different budgets and different objectives form different pricing.
Ultimately, the real question is: what do you expect from the video? If we get an answer to this question, we will always look for the best solution, a solution that fits your budget and a solution that will outperform your expectations.

About me

I invite you to have a look at my CV and my portfolio to learn more about my experience.
As well, listen to what my clients say about me and our collaboration.

That’s a question I really like. On my side, it’s dedication that makes me tick. Seeing other passionate people, completely devoted to their art, to their mission, is something I find extremely beautiful and that I also try to embody.

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