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Promote your employer brand

From SMEs to larger companies, all sectors are concerned by the search for new skilled collaborators. Promoting your employer brand and showing your company at its best is an excellent response to this central theme.

But how does a company present itself best, stand out from the competition and remain authentic at the same time?

A personalised recruiting video allows you to win the best candidates, those who match your company and your team both professionally and personally. Whether you are looking for experienced employees, apprentices or interns, a recruitment film uses emotional images and informative content to explain why you are an attractive employer and inspire your target group from the start.

Receive more applications

Job posts with a video icon are viewed 12% more than postings without videos, and companies receive a 34% greater application rate when they add a video to their job listings.
Recruitment video is the ideal way to conduct a “recruitment offensive” that allows you to attract candidates by showing them the different advantages and opportunities available in your organization.

Receive the right applications

In addition to reaching a larger number of potential candidates, a recruiting video also helps you attract the right type of candidates. In this way, you can show them more clearly what they can expect when working with you.
And when candidates’ values and aspirations match those of your company, they are more likely to apply.

Reuse your recruiting video

There are many ways to use a recruitment video.
Whether at events, presentations or recruitment fairs, you can also send it to education institutions.
Also usable for internal training and integration purposes, you can capitalize on your video and reuse it in other marketing channels.

More visibility for your company

Uploaded online, your recruiting video allows you to improve your ranking in Google. This means more exposure, giving you more chance to find the perfect candidate.
One of the most effective ways is to create a campaign on social networks. You can also think offline and distribute branded USB keys with the video on it.

Recruiting Video Ideas

  • Video job ad
    Share the mindset and skill set requirements of the role and get top candidates excited about solving your problem with their expertise.
  • Employee experience videos
    Help your recruiters build targeted talent pipelines using video. Tell true stories and imprint your company in the minds of top talents.
  • Leadership insight videos
    Feature your managers, what do they do to bring out the best in their new hires? Tell more about your leadership culture.
  • “Thank you for applying” video
    A short video from the CEO/founder to thank applicants will not stay unoticed. Even Richard Branson made one.
  • Offer letter videos
    Create a video for your new hire telling him that he made the right choice. It may be a special first step towards your onboarding program.

More Recruiting video Barcelona

Image Video – ES EnviroSustain
A short engaging advert for EnviroSustain, which refers to the company’s rich history, it’s present and it’s future.

Recruiting Film – AERTiCKET
AERTiCKET is one of the largest air ticket retailers in the world. They offer good training and an exciting career. Here are trainees talking about their experience.

Recruiting Video – LOTUSLIFE GmbH
Sabrina, a caregiver talks about her Job at LOTUSLIFE; on how it is to work here, why she joined.


  • A good preparation allows us to ensure an impeccable process and an optimized time. Whether it is a question of legal authorizations to how to dress on shooting day, we discuss this during pre-production.

  • By ensuring that the script is sufficiently detailed and unambiguous, you help us to better reflect your company’s culture and the particularities of your job offer.

  • Although you don’t want to say anything negative about your company, you should never try to force a message. Especially when it comes to your employees talking in front of the camera, the more naturally enthusiastic they are about your company, the better.

  • It may be easy to think that the office is the only place for a recruitment video, but this is not necessarily the case. The position you are looking for may involve being in the field or visiting clients. We will always strive to create as much visual variety as possible while remaining relevant.

  • Finally, your recruitment video must have a clear and easy to understand call to action. Giving candidates different methods to apply is also preferable.


Most frequent questions and answers

How can we prepare for it?

Before starting the production of your Recruiting Video, it is important to be clear on these different points:

Who are you / who forms the company?
What is your company doing? (as an employer)
Why are you doing it? (values and vision of the company)
What candidates are you looking for, for which position, qualifications?
What can you offer to your new employees?
Why are you the best employer of your sector?

How much does a recruiting video cost?

The price of your recruiting video is calculated according to the extent of the production steps and the number of options.
It is in this way based on these three elements:
– Conceptual and human effort (days of pre-production, production, post-production)
– The duration of the video
– The different extras (subtitles, adding animations, second cameraman…)

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