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Creating a videographer’s CV isn’t just a matter of lining up your experience and skills. It’s more like painting a portrait of your artistic and technical background.
As I’ve been freelancing since 2017, my CV has been transformed into a website. Nevertheless, here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of this ancient CV, which still served me well at the start of my career.

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1. Understanding what makes a videographer’s CV different

A CV has to tell a story, especially for videographers. It has to show that you not only have technical know-how, but also a creative eye capable of telling captivating stories. That’s why the design of your CV needs to be top-notch.

2. Showcase your portfolio

As a videographer, your portfolio is the heart of your CV. So my biggest piece of advice, and the most paradoxical part of creating a paper CV, is to focus on your portfolio.
Do you use YouTube or Vimeo to show your projects, or Instagram, or do you already have a website?
My experience is also that it’s not just about the finished videos, but the story behind each project. So include links and briefly describe the concept, your role and the impact of the video. This not only highlights your technical skills, but also your creative process and your ability to work with a team or a client.

Cercles de Compétences logiciels de vidéaste

3. Detail your technical skills

Videography is a field strongly linked to technology, so your CV can also list the equipment and software with which you are proficient.
Do you work on Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut or DaVinci? Have you mastered After Effects? What about Photoshop?

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4. Describe your career path

The profession of videographer is unique in that it does not necessarily require a specific academic background.
This opens the door to many people who have changed careers, enriching the field with a diversity of experience and perspectives.
Whatever your professional background, every experience counts and can add value to your work as a videographer. Whether you come from the world of catering, finance or even teaching, the skills and lessons you learn along the way can turn into valuable assets in the art of videography. Knowing how to communicate, manage stress, work in a team and organise a project from A to Z are all transferable skills that will enhance your profile as a videographer.

5. Customise your Videographer CV

In a field as dynamic as videography, keeping up to date with the latest trends and technologies is crucial. Take the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, whether through a personal website or via networks such as LinkedIn and Instagram, which can also act as valuable professional showcases.
Be creative, that’s the motto! Whether it’s a design that stands out from the crowd or a bio about your passion for videography, these little details will really boost your profile and help your CV stand out.

Conclusion: The ongoing art of CV creation

Creating a winning videographer CV is an ongoing process. As you develop as a videographer, update your CV. It’s a document that represents your professional identity and should be regularly updated to reflect your latest skills, experience and achievements, but also spend time adding to and diversifying your portfolio.
It is in this gallery that your art really takes shape, and it is this that will often capture the attention of your future employers or clients. Your portfolio is the concrete proof of your ability to transform visions into captivating visual realities.

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