Videogenic - How to look good on video?

How to be good on camera?
And you know what, there is actually a word for that: Videogenic!


Berlin videographer teaching how to use your voice in front of the camera

The main goal is for you to be comfortable, to feel comfortable, to look comfortable.
Many people might tend to overthink: What should I do with my body, with my hands?

Definitely use your hands, to support your speech. Simply not in a very special way, I guess that you’re already doing this every day and you’re not focused on it while doing so.

How you speak, try to speak from down body, not your head.
Movement, loose yourself and move around. Speak with your hands


Plan your course, write it down

Write a script, or at least bullet points so that you know what you’ll talk about.

People say “talk to the camera as you would to a friend” or look at the camera as you would your dog.
Be yourself, the best version of yourself.


videogenic : looking good on videos

Good practice makes perfect.

Ask for feedback around and you’ll definitely see an improvement.
Even the fact of just looking at the lens, that’ll become easier and easier.


Look good on video Technical Part

Little mention to the technical side because lighting, sound, camera placement,  background…

There are also a lot of secondary things that can make of break your video.

Remember that it’s a video. There’s that magic of editing happening, so don’t worry about cuts and repeating. It’s way better than just rumbling around and not being concise.

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