Video File Transfer Tools Comparison

The best File Transfer Tool to send Videos?
If you work in close or remote contact with videos, you know the struggle of sending videos files online.
Let’s compare some user-friendly options to make the process of sending and receiving video files a breeze.
Google Drive – One Drive – Dropbox – – Fromsmash – WeTransfer

Let’s make 3 groups.

Video Transfer Tools Google Drive and One Drive comparison from videographer

1. Group “Integrated”

The first group will be “integrated” and will count:

  • Google Drive
    From 2€/month or included within Google Workspace
  • OneDrive
    From 2$/month or included within the Office 365

The main advantage is this ‘integration’ within your workspace, that means you might already have it ready, one click away. However upload limits and sharing options might be an issue.

Video File Transfer Tool Comparison -

2. Group “Semi-Integrated”

The second group, “Semi-integrated”

  • Dropbox
    From 10€/month
    A great tool, quite similar to the two previous ones and well integrated within different apps.
    From 15$/month or partly included in the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.
    A stunning real time collaboration tool, integrated within the editing software. But requires time to acclimatise.
Transfer Tools Comparison - Fromsmash

3. Group “External”

The last group “external”:

  • WeTransfer
    A classic tool with a well developed feedback page.
    2GB transfer limit in the free version or from 10€/month.
  • Fromsmash
    A wonderful promise, you can send files without size limit – already in the free version.
    You can also speed up the process by taking out a subscription from €4.8 a month.

Now some of these tools are technically Cloud Storage, but can definitely be used as File Transfer.
Now, which is the right one for you?
Well, what is your usage, how heavy are your files, do you want to keep them online, do you want feedback tools as well?

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