Atout France - MICE Workshop Video

Client: Atout France
Type: Workshop Video
Place: Frankfurt am Main
Use: Workshop, Social Media

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Atout France is the tourism development agency of france. Workshop France is a recurring operation on the German market, which, faced with the health context, had to evolve in a digital version in 2020.

The objective was to maintain the link with German tourism professionals, to reassure them and encourage them to program the destination.


Gathering French partners and German professionals on a digital meeting platform, we decided to prepare beforehand the partner presentation, as well as some additional videos (Magic Tricks and Unboxing) to entertain the viewers.


MICE Workshop working on a laptop
Multicamera Video Shooting Setup

We gathered in Frankfurt am Main to film the different videos planned in one day. I prepared a multicamera setup, with 4 lapel microphones to correctly record the roundtable. Later came the post-production with a strict deadline (the workshop day) less than a week after.

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