Image Right Release Model for Video Production

In the fast-paced world of video production, it is vital to obtain the correct image rights release. Whether you’re a freelance videographer, a video production company or a content creator on digital platforms, understanding the nuances of image rights is critical. Find here a Model for an Image Right Release for video production.

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A Model of the Image Rights Form and Best Practices

An Image Right Release is a legal document that grants you the permission to use images, videos, or other media where individuals are identifiable. It should clearly state how and where the content will be used and for how long. Key components include:

  • The Scope of Use: Define the media in which the content will be displayed (e.g. TV, social media).
  • Duration of Use: Specify how long the content will be used.
  • Compensation: If applicable, give details of compensation for the use of the person’s image.

Be Clear and Comprehensive. Ensure the release form is understandable and covers all potential uses of the image or footage. Best is to discuss the content and scope of the project with the participants before they sign the release form.

Review Local Laws: Image rights and consent laws can vary greatly by region. Ensure you are compliant with local regulations.

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Dealing with Public Spaces and Incidental Inclusion

Filming in public spaces introduces additional complexities. While individuals in public spaces generally have a reduced level of privacy, this does not automatically give you the right to use their image commercially without consent. For scenes where crowds or individuals are captured incidentally, it’s advisable to post clear notices that filming is taking place, which can help mitigate legal risks.

Screenshot Copyrighted Music Issue YouTube

Navigating Copyrighted Materials

In addition to personal image rights, video producers need to be aware of copyrighted material that appears in their footage. This can include works of art, branded products and even certain architectural structures. When in doubt, seek permission or consult a legal professional to avoid copyright infringement.


Navigating the maze of image rights consent in video production is a necessary part of the creative process. By understanding the legal requirements and following best practices, you can protect your project from legal complications and respect the rights of individuals. Remember, when in doubt, it’s better to err on the side of caution and seek consent.

This Image Right Release Model for Video Production provides a framework for creators to work within the law while respecting the dignity and rights of individuals. Implement it as a component of your production process and ensure that your projects are on solid legal and ethical ground.

Disclaimer: This model is intended as a guideline for drafting your own image rights agreement. Some specifics may not apply in your geographic location. For minors, parental consent is necessary. When in doubt, always consult a lawyer.


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