What does magic and cinema have in common?

Here’s a (very) quick history lesson, because when we’re creating videos, it’s somehow already cinema.

By the way, do you know when the cinema was invented?

Brother Lumière google search
In December 1895 –  The first to present projected moving pictures to a paying audience were the Lumière brothers in December 1895 in Paris, France. They used a device of their own making, the Cinématographe, which was a camera, a projector and a film printer all in one.
But shortly before them Thomas Edison invented the Kinetoscope
In this way, some argue that it was Edison who invented the Cinema. 

A complete new dimension

Anyway, What we for sure know is who brought a complete new dimension to this image box.
Because so far the Cinematograph was used as a “Documentary” format. Here the Brother Lumières filming the arrival of a train. (Which was already totally new at that time, 1896)
But it’s a magician, Georges Méliès who invented the first tricks, but also the first Studio, the first production company (Starfilm), the first special effects and much more!

So magic and cinema had a lot in common…and still have 😉

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