Video Production Steps - Recording audio onsite

One important step of Video Production: Recording Audio Onsite 🎤
And why is it so important? Find out about it in this interview with an audio professional.

Thanks again Max Micozzi Svendsen for your insights on the topic!

A video basically consists of two elements: Picture (visual) and Sound (audio). And the audio part as important, if not more than the visuals. It evokes emotional responses, it emphasises what’s on the screen, it increases the production value. In short, when put to good use, it can elevate your video dramatically.

1. Why is it important?

Microphone and audio recording Sound

Exactly the first step to a good audio is to have a great recording onsite. The better the recorded quality, the more time and money you will save during the post-production. It also guarantees that the final product will sound as good as possible.

2. How does it look like?

audio recording the dialogue over the rest
  • Get a professional Boom Operator
  • The Dialogue over the rest
  • Always think Back up – Two Microphones
  • Atmo-Recording (Room Tone)
  • Dampen some loud sounds and add them afterwards (ex: glas or heels)

3. Concretely, What to be careful about?

Look for unwanted noises onsite audio part
  • Look out for unwanted noises. Ex: an airplane, a car, a fridge…
    (Even though a fridge is usually a constant noise and in this way “not as bad” as a car passing by)
    But also the sound of a coffee cup placed on the table. Put a coat under it to dampen the sound.
  • If possible, record wild takes.
    In this example, you record just this cup of coffee placed on the table.
    The idea is then to have every useful sound as a single file so that you can mix everything precisely in post-production.

-> Recording audio onsite is a decisive moment and post-production is more often than not about correcting the errors of the shooting.

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