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Like many men, this subject was a complete mystery for me, but as some clients demand this option during the shoot, it’s great to know what’s happening during this step.

Makeup is more as applying some powder on the face, as the name suggests (Makeup Artist), it is also an art.
In general, it serves a purpose – here for an interview, it is about making sure that the face looks best on screen, also giving to the client an extra confidence boost. Something that is always welcome, especially with people not used to talking in front of a camera.

Caroline East answered my questions on this video production step: Makeup

What’s Make-up?

Makup artist applying makeup

Makeup is not only to “make people beautiful”. It often has a purpose. Enhance things, remove/hide others, add something…
The main areas of applications are:

  • Movies – We strive for a natural look, which can sometimes mean making someone uglier.
  • TV – On a TV Set, there are big and powerful lights. To optimise their effect on the faces, these last ones are made a bit orange.
  • Interviews/Corporate – We strive for something “better than reality“.
  • Theater – We strive for a strong effect, almost “overdone”, because the audience sees it from far away.

Make-Up for an Interview:

Makeup artist preparing for an interview

There is first a difference between Men and Women. Makeup on a Man ist still not an accepted behaviour in our society. In this way, it should be “invisible”. One should use the least amount of product possible, while still removing imperfections and enhancing other parts.
Women would usually already wear makeup, but when it comes to receiving a professional one, they are asked to come to the shoot without one.

Here are the general steps for both gender:

  1. Base: Clean + Protect
  2. Circles: Color neutralize with red/orange
  3. Imperfections: Use green for red spots
  4. Foundation: Create an even, uniform color
  5. Set up: Setting it up using powder or/and a Spray
  6. Underlining: Conceal holes – Accentuate

Filming oneself – Using Make-Up

Makeup artist Hack lipstick

It makes sense to interest yourself on this topic.
The first and easiest tool to get is some oil control paper, that render the skin mat.
Then there are many different little hacks, like using a lipstick to counter the blue tones or burning a clove to underline and conceal holes in a beard/eyebrows.

For more, we can refer ourselves to the same steps as mentioned above:

  1. Base
  2. Circle
  3. Imperfections
  4. Foundation
  5. Set up
  6. Underlining

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