Video Production Steps - Audio Post-Production

Another step of Video Production:
Audio Post-Production 💻🎧

And why is it so important?
A simple thing like the sound level of your voice can break your video, but there is more to it. Find out about it in this interview with an audio professional, Max Micozzi Svendsen.

The audio post-production is the last stage before releasing the video. In this stage we make sure that the audio sounds perfect…or at least great.

How does it look like?

number 4 Sound design in the post-production
  1. Checking the audio
  2. Editing the dialogue
    • EQ
    • Leveling
    • Noise reduction
  3. Foley (Rerecording…)
  4. Sound design + Music
  5. Mix of everything

Little exercice

Film scene sound exercice
Here is a nice little exercice to prove the presence and importance of sound.
Next time you’re watching a film, play a scene on mute and try to guess every single sound in of this scene.
Then play it back again with sound and get bluffed by all the sounds you forgot.

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