Apprenticeship at AER - A Trainee Recruiting Video

Type: Recruiting Video
Place: Berlin, Kreuzberg
Use: Website, Social Media

trainee working at a computer for the apprenticeship video

AERTiCKET is the largest, independent airline ticket wholesaler in Europe. Offering a full range of service from fulfillment for travel portals to collection of fare data for airlines, they offer the best prices from 170 airlines to travel agencies, tour operators and Internet portals.
AERTiCKET was grappling with a significant challenge: attracting and training high-caliber candidates in a competitive market. They needed a film that would not just inform, but also inspire potential candidates to join their dynamic team.


The essence of this project was to translate AERTiCKET’s vibrant and innovative work culture into a compelling visual story. It needed to capture the imagination of potential candidates, offering them a glimpse into a world of opportunities at AER. The project was envisioned to be a blend of interviews and dynamic shots of the workplace.

Trainee meeting and their mentor in front of a computer
behind the scenes interview of two previous trainees

The project began with a planning session alongside the head of Public Relations. During the filming day, my focus was on conducting interviews with four current trainees and two former trainees who have since advanced their careers within the company. Using two cameras, I captured footage throughout the day, adding some breaks in our schedule to record the office’s atmosphere and highlight the various incentives offered by the company.
In post-production, it was a collaborative effort to meticulously sift through the recorded footage, ensuring that each scene fluidly contributed to and enhanced the overarching narrative.

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