Where to Find Stock Footage of Barcelona

You want a stunning drone shot of the iconic Sagrada Familia in Barcelona to place in your video? Sounds like a great plan, right?
But, achieving this legally can be quite a challenge due to the numerous authorizations and regulations involved..

Offering high quality, versatility, and convenience, stock footage is the perfect solution to showcase Barcelona’s beauty in your projects without any bureaucratic hurdles. Let’s explore where to find the best stock footage of Barcelona and how you can make the most of it.

Parc Güell in Barcelona

My favorite Platforms for Stock Footage of Barcelona

Artgrid Stock Footage BCN


Artgrid focuses on high-quality, cinematic footage. You can find stunning clips from professional filmmakers, ensuring top-notch quality for your projects.

+ High quality footage (4K, 8K, RAW, Log clips)
+ Subcriptions with unlimited downloads
– Not so much choice


Storyblocks Stock Footage BCN


Storyblocks offers an attractive subscription that allows for unlimited downloads. It offers a good variety of clips and now also provides music, photos and templates.

+ Subscription with unlimited downloads
+ Affordable price
– Not always the most cinematic clips

Adobe Stock Stock Footage BCN

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock integrates seamlessly with Adobe Creative Cloud, making it very easy to use for professional content creators. It offers a vast collection of stock footage.

+ A lot of options (even AI options)
+ Integration in the Creative Cloud suite
– High pricing

Some Free Stock Footage Platforms

Pexels Stock Footage BCN


Pexels provides an impressive collection of free stock videos. Most really are at the same quality as the paid ones.


Pixabay is another go-to for free stock footage. The quality is a tick beneath Pexels, but one can still find good clips on the website.

details stock footage choice bcn

Tips for Choosing the Best Footage

Assess quality and resolution

When selecting stock footage, consider quality and resolution. Is the clip in HD, 4k or maybe 8K? What is the used bitrate? It usually best to have the highest quality possible (which may affect the pricetag of the video)

Match style and tone

To maintain visual consistency, it’s important to match the style and tone of the footage, not just the resolution. Compare different options by downloading preview clips. Once you find a good match, apply specific color correction to align it with your other shots. This works best with higher-quality footage. For example, Artgrid sometimes offers raw versions of clips, which can be especially useful.

Legal Considerations

Ensure you have the proper licenses for your project, especially for commercial use. Avoid copyright issues by following to the terms and conditions of the footage provider. It’s always better to be cautious and fully understand the legal aspects of using stock footage, especially if you opted for a free clip.

Barcelona Corporate Videographer Joffrey.Video

Local Barcelona Footage Provider

Sometimes, what you actually need is great footage from a local providers who know the city inside out. A local videographer can offer unique, lesser-known perspectives of Barcelona and can even manipulate the scene to add your product in the shot.

As a professional videographer based in Barcelona, I can create custom, high-quality footage tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require a unique angle of the Sagrada Familia, the vibrant street scenes of the Gothic District, or the quiet beauty of the city’s beaches, I can deliver footage that perfectly fits your vision.

Contact me for personalized shoots that ensure your project stands out with exclusive and authentic Barcelona visuals.

Incorporating stock footage of Barcelona into your projects can bring the city’s vibrant energy and stunning visuals to your audience. Whether you opt for free or paid footage, there are numerous platforms available to meet your needs.
Understanding these options and mastering the use of stock footage can help you create engaging and professional content that leaves a lasting impression.

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