ShaktiMat - Indian School Project

Client: ShaktiMat GmbH
Type: Branded Video Content
Place: Varanasi, India
Use: Website, Social Media


The ShaktiMat is an acupressure mat based on the ancient Indian bed-of-nails.  It is used to treat back pain and other forms of muscular cramps and tension. It is also used generally for relaxation.  It is also used by sportspeople, yogis and therapists.  It is a cotton mat with a foam padding covered with small plastic disks of 6,200 tiny spikes.

To use the ShaktiMat a person would lay on it, stand on it, or apply it any part of the body where there in muscular tension. This increases the blood flow and makes the body produce endorphins and oxytocin, which relaxes the muscles and calms the mind.  A typical ShaktiMat session would be a person lying stationary on it for 20 minutes with a naked back.  


The products are all hand-made in a female-only factory in Varanasi.  The brand support the women there with many different benefits.  The latest project is to send the daughters of the craft-women into a local private school with their education funded there until the age of 18. 10 girls have been sent to the school already and 6 other girls recently joined them.  This project consisted in filming an interview with these 6 girls.  They were each to be interviewed by their own mothers.


Taking with me a basic equipment (my camera, a gimbal, LED lights, microphones), I flew to Varanasi for 3 days of shooting. Together with the producer and the producer’s assistant, we filmed the interviews of each craftswoman with their daughters in the ShaktiMat factory. The next day we followed the girls to their school. Once the filming was finished, I edited all the footage to create a video for each schoolgirl.

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