One or multiple cameras?

Whether it’s an interview situation or a presentation video, we will always have a main camera.
We can then add other cameras to film the same scene. Should you stay with one or use multiple cameras?

What for?

One or multiple cameras
  • The main reason is to be able to alternate the view, and have seamless cuts.
    (That means: If I start talking and suddenly I misspell, instead of just cutting off that moment, I can change the view and after a while come back to the main camera.)
  • More dynamic.
  • Giving another view, a behind the scenes for example.


how to set up the second camera

There isn’t really rules that prevail. Simply try to have another view.

  • A good Tip is also to use the same cameras (or almost the same). Why? Simply because the two images and colors will be more similar and it’s then way easier to match them and have seamless cuts.


post-production multiple cameras premiere pro

That’s where it can become confusing. The idea is to create a multicamera sequence and have all the different sources synchronized.

Then it’s the editing, switching the views.

And color correction. It now becomes harder if your cameras don’t directly match. So, tweak the colors to have a similar image.

As you see, working with multiple cameras corresponds to more efforts, at the same time it gives you more room for manoeuvre and the look of a higher end production.

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