Interview - Evan Floden from Seqera Labs

Client: Amino Collective
Type: Interview Video
Place: Barcelona, Poblenou
Use: Event


Amino Collective is a Berlin-based investment firm that focuses on providing capital and support to innovative startups. Their primary areas of interest include deep tech, life sciences, and frontier technologies. Amino Collective leverages its extensive network and industry expertise to help its portfolio companies grow and succeed, fostering a collaborative ecosystem for pioneering solutions.
One of these portfolio companies is Seqera Labs.

Seqera Labs specializes in data orchestration and workflow management solutions for computational biology, helping organizations streamline their data processing and analysis pipelines.


For a presentation event of Amino Collective in Berlin, we aimed to explain in simple terms who Seqera Labs is and what they do. To achieve this, we decided to capture an onsite interview in Barcelona with the CEO, Evan Floden, as he couldn’t make it to the event.


Heading to Seqera Labs’ offices one afternoon with my gimbal and a LED lighting kit, I recorded an interview with CEO Evan Floden as well as B-roll footage. I then edited everything together to create this approximately 4:30-minute interview.

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