How to Livestream like a PRO

You want to know how to Livestream like a pro, how professional livestream look like?
It comes down to four simple steps:
– Video/Audio Capture
– Connecting to a Computer
– Processing
– Streaming
Here’s a quick overview, it’s maybe not as difficult as you thought it was.

1. Video/Audio Capture

Use your DSLR as a webcam

There are different levels for each time a different quality.
Level Basic: Your Integrated Webcam/Microphone.
Level Clever: Use your phone as a Webcam.
Level Cool: Use a GoPro.
Level Pro: Use your DSLR as a Webcam.

2. Connecting to a Computer

Connecting a DSLR with your Computer
  • With your integrated webcam, you have nothing to do.
  • With your Phone, you need a special App
  • With your DSLR, you need a Video Capture Card (The most famous brands are Elgato, AverMedia and BlackMagic)
    or check out about your specific camera if there is already a software that enables you to only use a USB cable. (Like Canon EOS webcam utility or Sony Imaging Edge)

3. Processing

Livestreaming with OBS

A great and very useful software is OBS.

After adding your video source, you can as well add images. That means you can add your logo, a nametag, or as media file like an intro, outro, ‘stand by’ message.

As well, if you have another video source you can make it a multicamera Livestream.

BONUS: You can also use this software to simply record your screen.

4. Streaming

With Facebook Live Livestream like a PRO

Here the Key is:
‘Have a good Internet Connection.’

Choose the platform you want to stream on… or do multiple at the same time via

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