How to create your online course - Tips from a Videographer

A great way to make extra cash, but also to assert your authority on a subject. Here’s some insights from a videographer on how to create your online course:


Plan your course, write it down

What’s your topic?
If you’re still searching for one, search for keywords and google trends to create content that is actually searched.

Write it down. First a structure, the title and subtitles, then the sub-parts and the key learnings.
Write a full script or simply bullet points, the important is not to feel rote or robotic.

And remember that you don’t need your course to be over 15 hours long. On Skillshare for example,
for maximum engagement, they recommend you to create an around 40 minutes one.


Physical demonstration showing lenses and how to use them

The shooting can take different aspects, here are some video formats to consider (many teachers use a combination of these to make the whole more dynamic and interesting):

  • Slide presentation – and if you’re more fancy it can be a motion graphics animation.
  • Screencast workflow – especially necessary when you’re teaching a software.
  • Talking head
  • Physical demonstration

Quality is important. Especially when it’s something you’re selling. So think about buying or renting a microphone/camera, or simply ask a pro.


Editing an online course

It’s generally, pretty basic, but clean! The most important is obviously the content. People want to learn something from it. They’re not here for the fancy effects.


Host your online course on skillshare udemy

Go for a platform like Skillshare or Udemy or on your own site. Ask your I.T. team or if you have a WordPress site, you can do it yourself.


Promote your course

Already when uploading, choose a good “packaging”. The title, thumbnail, description, they are all important and will help you stand out.

On social media, share snippets of it. But more importantly, think of an intro, a presentation video for your online course.

Maybe it won’t be immediately the passive income of your dreams, but it’s an interesting format that you can scale!

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