How to best prepare for a video shoot?

Not only behind the camera is a lot going on, but also in front of the camera some preparation is required.
Clothes, legal terms, brand elements, is everything on point? How can one best prepare for a video shoot?

As with everything, a good preparation is key. Benjamin Franklin even puts it this way:
“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” 

1. Have the script in mind

stay relax come with the script in mind videographer
Especially if you’re going to talk in front of the camera, the more prepared you are, the better you’ll feel and the better the final result. It is therefore important to have the script in mind, relaxed and ready for the show.

2. Dress accordingly

Clothes to avoid video shooting preparation
Then the clothes. It definitely impacts the way you feel, so it is important to wear something that you feel comfortable in and that fits your brand image.
In general, simply wear your everyday clothes and it will be fine.
Be simply careful with striped shirts or finely patterned clothing, they cause a strange effect on the images.
Ladies, avoid noisy jewellery.
You can of course wear make-up and on demand, I will organize an optional make-up artist.

3. Legal Terms

Video SHooting preparation legal terms
Another topic is to prepare the legal terms. Do we have all the authorizations, the image rights?
Don’t hesitate to print a template for the actors to sign on the spot.

4. Tidy it up

Shooting preparation tidy and quiet
Then the obvious, if we’re filming in your office, have it tidy…and not only clean, but also quiet. Especially for an interview, the less background noise, the better.

5. Logos and brand elements

Video Shoot preparation brand elements
Send me the logos of every stakeholder you’d like to include and if you have such, think about sound signatures, fonts, intro, graphics…

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