Filming Yourself - Confidence in front of the camera

Stop reading verbatim text when you’re filming yourself!
How to appear more confident in front of the camera, how to be videogenic?

Here is a second video of a series about #filmingyourself. Today all about the being confident in front of the camera.


Don't read next to the camera
The audience is in the camera, you are talking directly to potential customers. So keep that eye contact towards the camera.
If necessary, use notes. I’d personally rather see a person making short pauses, looking at his notes and looking back to me as somebody only reading a text.
By this I mean, even if you place your phone right next to the camera, we can see that you’re reading.
If needed, the solution is then a teleprompter. With the help of a reflection process, it enables you to look directly INTO the lens. It can make sense if you’re taking the video creation very seriously and already have some equipment.


Relax when filming yourself
The main goal is for you to be comfortable, to feel comfortable, to look comfortable.
  • Keep a good posture, feel free to talk with your hands.
  • You can try out some public speaking tricks. For example, direct your attention to the lower part of your body, feel your legs when you speak.


Be careful about your voice
  • Try to get your voice from your belly not from your head.
  • Talk slower than usual and especially start your next take speaking slowly.
  • Do some pauses.
  • Have a look at one take, be objective about it and search for things to improve. The keywords here are: appear natural.


filming in a Second language

If it’s in a second language, practice several times before recording. Don’t be afraid to use your own vocabulary and to change words that are difficult to pronounce.


Embody your message
My last tip would be to try to embody what you’re saying.
Think rather about the message and less about the format. You’re not here to simply repeat a script, you rather want to share a message, tell something to your audience.

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