Filming Yourself - Audio Part

Audio is super important and you already know it. And even if you are alone and have no budget, you can still get an good result with little efforts.

You can find more about this series on #filmingyourself. Today all about the audio part.

1. Why is it important?

self-made audio post production
A video basically consists of two elements: Picture (visual) and Sound (audio). And the audio part is as important, if not more than the visuals. When put to good use, it can elevate your video dramatically.

And even if you’re filming yourself, alone, with no budget, you can have a good result with little efforts.

For example, when using your smartphone, you can clip a lapel mic and it will have a significant impact!

2. How to do it best?

Interview about choosing the right microphone
  1. Choosing the right microphone
    • If you’re moving/walking, prefer a lavalier microphone
    • If you are stationary, opt for a shotgun or dynamic microphone.
  2. Pay attention to unwanted noises
    • For example a car, the echo of a room, a fridge, an air-conditioning system…
  3. Be as close as possible to the microphone
    • We usually don’t want the microphone in the shot. So as close as possible until it appears in the camera.
  4. Post-production
    • This is the time to edit the dialog
    • Balance the volume between the different elements
    • Remove the unwanted noises that one still recorded
    • Do the final mix

These are the necessary steps for a great audio.

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