Filming your client testimonial video

Give the floor to your clients with a testimonial video. Here’s how to film your client testimonial video the right way. Similar to other video productions, we can break it down to – Preparation – Shooting – Post-production – (and Distribution):


testimonial video filming preparation
  • First, find the right fit.
    Remember that not everybody feels confident in front of the camera. We’re looking for someone with whom your audience can identify.

  • Prepare some questions.
    It’s up to you and your focus. You can also go deep into details.
    Generally, let them talk about their Customer Journey (a bit of their background, how was the collaboration, what are the results)

  • Legal.
    Get them to sign a small agreement. But the most important is a good relation with your client.


Testimonial video shooting tips

Your place or my place?

  • When your client comes to you, the main advantage is that you can invite several customers at the same time.
    -> A best practice is to host an event and gather many clients at the same time.
  • When you go to your client’s place, the key advantage is that you can film their space, their use of your solution.

Technical Side, the usual questions are:

  • Do we use one or two cameras?
  • Do we use a lapel microphone or a boom pole?
  • Does the client look directly in the camera or a bit next to it?

Also, don’t try to force a message. The more authentic and unscripted the speech, the better.


Post-production video testimonial tips

By spending a bit more time on this step, you can create a more of a Case Study and put additional information on the screen.

You also have the opportunity to mix different interviews around one topic or question.

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