Exhibitor Testimonials at MWC24

Client: IMA
Type: Exhibitor Testimonial Video
Place: Mobile World Congress 24, Barcelona
Use: Website, Social Media


IMA Alliance LTD is a dynamic startup ecosystem based in Israel, dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. The organization supports early-stage startups by providing them with essential resources, mentorship, and access to a network of investors and industry experts. IMA Alliance LTD aims to accelerate the growth and success of startups, helping them to develop groundbreaking solutions and achieve their full potential in the competitive global market.


For the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona, IMA prepared an entire pavilion to host various startups from their ecosystem. They wanted to capture short testimonials from each startup, giving them an opportunity to present themselves and their offerings, and to share their experiences with IMA, who arranged meetings for them.

startups meeting at MWC24

Armed with just my gimbal and a microphone kit, I recorded over 10 testimonials and captured B-roll of the public interacting with the startups inside the IMA Pavilion.
I then edited the footage to create 1-2 minutes testimonial videos for each of the ten startups, and I also created this compilation you can see above.

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