Make Your Video Stand Out: A Guide to Design Thumbnails

Grab the attention of potential viewers and make them want to click by using a personalised Thumbnail.
It became an artform in itself, but you can follow some tips to make yours stand out.
Thumnail creation with face cut out

Extract your face/body

One popular trend in thumbnails is to cut out your face and place it in an eye-catching scene or background. This personalized touch can add a unique and interesting element to your thumbnail and make it stand out.

Thumbnail preparation with contrasting colors yellow and red

Use contrasting colors

By effectively using contrasting colors in your thumbnail, you can draw people in and increase the chances of them clicking on your content.
So combine two or more colors that are opposite on the color wheel, at the same time make the design look cohesive and keep in mind the overall tone of your content.

Guide to Thumbails use a big title

Use Big Titles

When creating a thumbnail for your content, it’s important to make sure that the title or main message is prominent and easily readable. One way to achieve this is by using large, bold titles.
By using big, attention-grabbing text, you can instantly convey the main topic of your content to potential viewers. In the meantime, make sure to choose a font that is clear and easy to read, even when the thumbnail is viewed at a small size.


Thumbnails Templates examples Adobe Express
Thumbnails Templates examples Canva
Thumbnails Templates examples Envato
Templates are pre-made designs that can be customized to fit your specific needs and content. They can provide a starting point for your thumbnail design and help you achieve a professional look without having to start from scratch. When choosing one, make sure that it fits the style and tone of your content and can be easily modified to include your own unique elements.
My favorite websites to find templates are Adobe Express, Canva and Envato.
But more important is what is inside the video. And for that, make sure to work with professionals.

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