Citizen Day 2018 - GUÉMAR

Client: Ville de Guémar
Type: Retrospective Video – Event Video
Place: Guemar, France
Use: Presentations

Drawing a heart at the Citizen Day 2018 Guémar

The Citizen Day 2018 or “Journée Citoyenne 2018” is a great occasion for every inhabitant to get together and accomplish workshops together. This edition took place the 14th April 2018 and it motivated Guemar’s citizen from 3 to 85 years old.


This was the 4th edition of the Citizen Day. The goal is to create a retrospective video of the day, going with a small team on every construction site, we interview the participants, asking them their thought about this day, their definition of being a citizen and more.

Painting Team running before the camera
the communication team posing for a picture

After filming it with my “team communication”, I post-produced everything to get this short résumé video. A longer version was also developed and is accessible on demand.
See the previous 2017, 2016 edition.
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