Time for Another Perspective

Have you already seen one of these in Berlin?
I’m sure you’re seeing some daily without really noticing them.
-> It’s time for another perspective.


korkmännchen Straßenschild Berlin

They are Korkmännchen, or Street Yogi and here since 2009.
Distributed all around the city, the number of figures is over 1000.

I bet there’s one next door that you never noticed!
Sometimes we’re so used to a viewpoint, to pass by a crossroad, that we don’t notice the very special elements of it. Some happy cork figures might be smiling at you everyday, but do you keep your eyes open to see them?
-> It’s a matter of how you look at things.

It’s a matter of how you look at things

young videographer looking at the horizon in Paris evening

You see, as a videographer, I have the impulse to say:
Let’s go out and film something special. What big event are happening in the city? Let’s go on a trip to have something special to film.

And the thing is, just around the corner, there is already something to film. It’s already special…It’s a matter of how you look at things.

A new perspective

Another perspective - Photographer eye

In this way, I thought of the “photographer’s eye”, being able to see great images everywhere. Why not a “problem-solver eye”, able to see new and innovative solutions?

And you, what is the last thing you looked at from another perspective?

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