Another Earth Animation - Kinetic Typography

Client: Personal Project
Type: Kinetic Typography Animation – Animation Video
Place: Strasbourg, France
Use: Social Media

Kinetic typography animation screenshot

This is a kinetic typography animation of an extract from Another Earth (2011) directed by Mike Cahill.
The extract is The story of the Russian Cosmonaut. Appears at around 43′.


Created after a school project, we had to create a Typographic Animation of an extract that would last around 20 seconds.
Lasting around 2 minutes 30 seconds, this interesting little story suits perfectly to this format and lets us dive into this Story.

Kinetype video screenshot

I animated this Kinetype on Adobe After Effect. The first mission is to transcript the dialog/the narration. After that, the second work is to create stills/to design the shots. Finally, the last challenge, the longer one, is to animate everything, keeping consistency. Other animations in my portfolio.

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