A Photo in a Video - Videographer Tips

Using a photo in a video, it sounds totally ordinary and normal, right?
It shouldn’t be and the rule of thumb is not to use any photo inside a video!

However there are times when it does make sense to show a photo during a video.

Freeze the moment behind the scenes self portrait
  • Show Archive shots
  • Things you only have in photo
  • Freeze the moment

-> The great aspect and advantage of a video is that it’s moving images and there are different little tricks to “upgrade a photo” and make it come alive!

Some ways to animate a photo:

Photo Animation with Ink road lanscape
  • Basic Transformations – Zoom in, Zoom out, Sliding
  • Parallax effect
  • Other effects like Ink, Mosaic

That was just a few examples, obviously the limit is your imagination to animate a photo. So make the best use of these “moving images” and hit me up if you need help animating a photo!

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